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1435660cookie-checkThe Surge Gameplay Video Focuses On Combat And Take-Downs

The Surge Gameplay Video Focuses On Combat And Take-Downs

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 have released a new gameplay trailer showing a bit more of their game The Surge. The video covers some of the basic fundamentals that players will be faced with when playing the game, which includes a brief segment of customization, exploring the CREO Complex and a big focus on combat. The Surge is set to release sometime in 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Honestly, I’m really not sure what to think of this game just yet. If you are like me and want to see more gameplay and other functions that go into The Surge, well you are in luck seeing how Focus Home Interactive released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming third-person RPG.

For starters, the trailer shows a lot of combat and how you will be able to use take-downs to decapitate enemies around and about the complex. Various weapons will do different things depending on how you want to upgrade your character, which these weapons can be found by exploring.

Options are always a good thing in games, although I don’t know how in-depth the customization will be in this game, however we do get to see a brief segment of the player changing around a weapon in the player menu, along with other weapons being picked up lying around the complex.

If any of that seems like something worth checking into, the newly posted trailer sits below for your viewing pleasure, which runs for four minutes in length.

The trailer above comes in by Focus Home Interactive, which the video is likely to be followed by another trailer covering even more regarding The Surge in the coming weeks.

The Surge as of this moment has no exact release date, but it is set to hit PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year.

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