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1435310cookie-checkWe Happy Few “A Clockwork” Update Adds New Content

We Happy Few “A Clockwork” Update Adds New Content

Compulsion Games is still going strong with We Happy Few and even updated the game. The name of the update obviously pays homage to Stanly Kubrick’s film A Clockwork Orange with “A Clockwork”. The game is currently — along with the “A Clockwork” update — playable on PC and Xbox One. 

Looking for something new to do in We Happy Few? Well, there are some new things to participate in along with bug fixes for folks to explore starting now. The game is still in Early Access and will likely see more updates as time passes on, but the new “A Clockwork” update has two pages (part 1 and part 2) that are up for you to read.

In short, to sum up some of the content that is now present in the game: it includes interactive scenes involving AIs with locked-in scenes so that you can’t run around or kill them while they are talking to you, asset re-arrangement, more quests and new textures.

Compulsion Games wrote up this note that explains…

“After three months of hard work deep in the guts of the game, we are finally surfacing with the Clockwork Update. The update is now live on PC and Xbox One!”

You can check out all of the new stuff that is now usable or featured in the game shown below, in a near five minute video. The new update video comes in by Compulsion Games’ YouTube channel.

I do wonder how this game will be when it exits Steam Early Access? Hopefully the devs stick around and see the game to the end, unlike some devs who abuse the Early Access platform to throw up a game that never sees completion.

If you want to play We Happy Few, it currently runs for $29.99 both on Steam Early Access and GOG. For more information on this game you can head on over to

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