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1434890cookie-checkYs Origin Heads To PS4, PS Vita February 21st, 2017

Ys Origin Heads To PS4, PS Vita February 21st, 2017

DotEmu and Nihon Falcom Corporation announced over the weekend at the PlayStation Experience 2016 event in Anaheim, California that the classic Ys Origin will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita starting February 21st, 2017 next year.

The game is being remastered and re-released based on the original 2006 Japanese version of Ys Origin. It features a tale told 700 years before the events of the original Ys on the SNES, and offers gamers a classic isometric, action-RPG experience.

They gave gamers a small taste of the action with a half-minute trailer that bounces between cinematics and small spurts of gameplay. You can check it out below.

When the game was announced at this year’s PSX event the crowd didn’t get all that excited. It’s understandable in a sense, this was a game that should have been out in North America a decade ago. The fact that so many old and recent games alike are being shoveled out as remasters kind of dampens the appeal of remastered content.

In fact, it feels like there are more remastered games coming out than new games. It makes you wonder where all the money is going?

Even still, for people with a penchant for playing Japanese action-RPGs, there’s nothing really wrong with having more options at your disposal in the form of additional PS Vita and PS4 games. In fact, for Ys Origin DotEmu has even worked with Nihon Falcom to include additional languages and upgraded visual specs on the PS4.

Let’s just hope that the game survives the localization process intact and in a right proper way so that fans of the original can enjoy it as intended, and we can all rest easy knowing this isn’t another Tokyo Mirage Sessions or Fire Emblem: Fates.

They didn’t offer a price tag in the press release, but I’m sure it’s coming soon and should be available ahead of the February 21st, 2017 release date.

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