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Arson Brings A New Twist To Horror Stealth Games

I found Arson On Steam Greenlight, and the trailer instantly grabbed my attention. If done right, this game could be a really cool gem made by the indie developer Mike Inel.

From the creepy music to the dark silhouette art style, Arson looks like a really unique game that adds a twist to the horror genre we normally see from indie games. The story for Arson seems to follow a family as they survive a break-in from a group of robbers and arsonists. The problem is that your parents have been taken hostage and it is up to you to save them and stop the intruders… who happen to be Evil Santa Claus? I’m not sure, but that is what seems to be the theme of the game.

This gives Arson a Home Alone style setting, but with a creepier and darker style twist. You will be able to open cabinets, cupboards, and drawers to find useful items to help fight off your attacks. The below trailer showcases the main protagonist searching around the house and taking a knife, so it looks like things might get pretty violent early on… especially for the fact that the arsonists have decided to catch your house on fire to burn your family alive… yeah, crap just hit the fan and got very real. Oh yeah, the game also features six different endings for you to find and unlock.

The graphics and camera angle gives the game the appearance like you are watching from an overhead security camera, and it also has the resolution of an early PS2 game. But oddly enough, I kind of like the art style and theme for this game exactly the way it is. Take a look at the below gameplay trailer that I linked below to see for yourself.

Arson doesn’t currently have a release date or much information on their Steam Greenlight page (but the game seems to be about 90% complete), however the concept for the story and the gameplay seems to have enough content to make me want to see more, so I’ll be following this game closely until it releases on Steam to see how he finishes the game.

For more information, you can also visit the developer’s Gamejolt Page to download the game for free, however, the current version on Gamejolt is missing sound and has a few glitches, so play at your own risk.

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