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1437890cookie-checkEvolution, Multiplayer RPG Could Possibly Be The Next No Man’s Sky

Evolution, Multiplayer RPG Could Possibly Be The Next No Man’s Sky

Indie developers Dalas and Doky are currently working on making an online multiplayer RPG called Evolution, which was inspired by the creature creation game, Spore.

Although the developers say that their new game Evolution is based on Spore, it looks a whole lot like No Man’s Sky to me.

You will start the game from the cell stage, shaping your creature and making decisions that will later affect you in the future, then evolve over time as you create your own creature. The developers also say that you will be able to customize this creature in a large variety of ways, and that based on how you evolve your creature it will also affect certain gameplay elements. For example, a creature with six arms can equip up to six single handed weapons.


Evolution will be a first-person shooter game, with third-person camera options so that you aren’t locked to a single perspective. I actually prefer third-person shooters, so this is awesome news to me.

Now here is where the No Man’s Sky part comes in. You will be able to eventually have your own spaceship, fly out into space, explore the galaxy, and land on all of the other planets with a smooth space to ground transition. The developers also say that the planets will have several different biomes so that you will be able to explore all types of different things as you explore. Furthermore, they also give the example of flying into uncharted space and being sucked into a black hole, in fact, their trailer even showcases a little bit of what that would be like in the below gameplay trailer.

As you can see, Evolution is extremely complex and has taken elements from both Spore and No Man’s Sky and combined them into a single ambitious game. The developer has also said that they have planned the game from the beginning to support online multiplayer. The game will not be a massive multiplayer experience (which they have said upfront), but it will allow you to play with friends or other people.

The overall game sounds like it will be a sandbox creation, exploration, and adventure game that you will be able to play online. The developers created another video to showcase the space to ground flying mechanics, a bit of the shooter elements, while also explaining a bit about what the actual game will be like. Take a look at their second video linked below.

Evolution will have a Kickstarter Campaign coming up to raise money to help complete the game, but so far as you can see from the above videos, they have quite a bit of the core basics in place already. So far, Evolution is scheduled to release by the end of 2017, but with a game this massive in scope, don’t be surprised if it goes into an Early Access period or gets delayed to 2018.

If you would like to follow their progress or help support them to make Evolution a reality, check out their Steam Greenlight page for additional details.

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