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1437550cookie-checkGarry’s Mod Gets A Collection Of Xbox One Mods, Halo CE Enemies

Garry’s Mod Gets A Collection Of Xbox One Mods, Halo CE Enemies

If you still mess around with Garry’s Mod, trying out new mods, adding new characters, downloading new maps and generally screwing around with all sorts of goofy new content, you might enjoy some of the latest offerings for the long-running modding sandbox.

Modder Mayhem updated the VJ Base AI modding platform for Garry’s Mod. It adds AI routines and behavior patterns for the enemies from Halo: Combat Evolved, this includes both the Flood and the Covenant forces.

The mod includes four different types of Flood NPCs, as well as the Covenant Hunters and Covenant Elite. You can see how they perform and behave in Garry’s Mod with the test video below.

If you want to add this mod to your version of the game, you will need the basic VJ Base SNPC mod in order to get it up and working. There’s a link to the VJ Base when you go to download the Halo CE SNPCs beta mod from over on the Steam Workshop page.

Additionally there’s also a collection of Xbox One consoles and accessories available in Garry’s Mod. It’s a weird collection of mods to make but the 6.8MB pack features the original big black Xbox One, the trimmed down Xbox One S, the new black and white Xbox One controller, and the Xbox Kinect. Modder Apples put the whole collection together and you can see what it looks like with the SketchFab 3D render below.

Apples also has a collection of other video game consoles on Garry’s Mod as well. You can check them out over on the collection page. Nevertheless, if you want to add various colored iterations of the Xbox One and its accessories to your copy of Garry’s Mod, you can download the mod right now from over on the Steam Workshop page.

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