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1438970cookie-checkGravity Rush 2 Live-Action Trailer Features A Cat Defying Gravity

Gravity Rush 2 Live-Action Trailer Features A Cat Defying Gravity

For the launch of Gravity Rush 2, Sony let loose a new trailer for the game’s Japanese release featuring a first-person, live-action bit featuring two school girls and a cat that can’t seem to stay grounded.

The trailer starts with a school girl working on a paper based on the Newtonian laws of physics. A friend/sister comes over and as the two begin to talk the cat knocks over a carton of milk… spilling it onto the floor. Before the cat can be properly chastised for its curios clumsiness, the cat magically zips onto the wall, causing even more chaos. You can check it out below from the PlayStation Japan YouTube channel.

It’s a bit of creative marketing from the minds at Sony to do something other than having loud horn-trumpet, rumbling base drops featuring the trite and tried tale of talking about saving the world and stopping the spread of an unfathomable evil. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if in North America we end up getting that as the launch trailer instead.

The live-action bit was impressive, though. Having the cat turn the room upside down and then flip it over again was pretty crazy looking. They’ve been consistent in keeping the game’s trailers and themes lighthearted while coupling it with the unforgettable contemporary fusion-jazz soundtrack. It works well for Gravity Rush 2 (or Gravity Daze 2 in Japan. And honestly I think Gravity Daze is the better name, but whatever).

The sequel sees Kat and Raven going on an adventure centered around the town of Hekseville while also dealing with a new threat terrorizing the skies.

New locations, gravity powers and bosses are all on the slate for the PS4 exclusive. It launches first in Europe and Oceania territories on January 18th and then arrives in Japan on January 19th, and finally North America and the United Kingdom on January 20th.

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