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1439710cookie-checkHoldfast: Nations At War, Napoleonic War Game Enters Steam Greenlight

Holdfast: Nations At War, Napoleonic War Game Enters Steam Greenlight

Running on the Unity engine, publisher and developer Anvil Game Studios just submitted its latest game Holdfast: Nations at War to Steam Greenlight. Rocking both first-person and third-person perspectives, Holdfast: Nations at War is an online multiplayer game set during the Napoleonic Era and will be for PC.

When I see a game that looks graphically good or decent on Greenlight, I’m always leery because most times that game might contain stolen assets or is a scam in disguise — although the same description holds true to games polar opposite. Doing a lot of research on this game, which looks graphically enticing, it seems as if Anvil Game Studios is trying to make a legit online multiplayer game set during the Napoleonic Era. As of now the devs and the game show no signs of scamming folks like the majority of entries on the Greenlight platform.

Anvil Game Studios seeks to bring a shooter, sword fighting, team-based game that revolves around historical clashes on land and sea to the Steam platform.

Shown in various images on the game’s Greenlgiht page you will be able to command “historically” accurate vessels in and out of duels, and even give direct orders during operations to other players to form coordinated attacks.

As noted above the images or screenshots can be seen below showing in-game stills.

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Playing as Captain, Sailor, Line Infantry, or other classes comes with their own traits and roles which are crucial for your team’s survival. Seen in the screenshots above, you can use cannons, single-action pistols, sabers, and boats to crush your enemy whether be it land or sea-based warfare.

Before showing the trailer I do have one thing to say, the animations in this game could use some help. I feel that they are quite choppy at the moment and If more gameplay videos roll out in the future showing improved animations and fixes to a few other looming problems, then I think that this game will be heading in the right direction. This now brings us to the new trailer as seen below.

You can vote for this game over on Steam Greenlight, or you can learn more regarding the devs by hitting up

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