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Persona 5 New Video Details Taking Down Shadows And Exploring Palaces

Atlus has published a new video showing how to deal with enemies and using other features throughout Persona 5. The video covers Shadows, receiving items from enemies, and dealing with Palaces throughout the game. Persona 5 is out now over in Japan for PS3 and PS4, while the West is set to get the game on April 4th.

if you’ve been holding out on information regarding Persona 5, I should note that this particular info is on the spoiler side. If you choose to stick around you’ll find that Atlus not only released a video trailer but a description for P5, both of which provide a brief overview of Palaces and more:

“While the Phantom Thieves keep up their guise as normal Japanese high-schoolers during the day, they travel to another world (via smart phone) to unleash their true Personas and raise some hell at night. This world is known as the Metaverse, and it’s essentially the “collective unconscious” of all mankind. In the Metaverse, the most distorted desires of people manifest themselves as Palaces, and it’s up to the Phantom Thieves to infiltrate and defeat the evils within a Palace.”

In order for players to enter a Palace they must pick a target and figure out certain key bits of information and plug it into their Metaverse Navigator app to gain access. Once in the Palace, players must fight cohorts of Shadows, solve puzzles, defeat the Palace ruler, and steal the target’s deepest darkest desire.

After stealing the Treasure that is the deepest darkest desire, the target’s heart will be changed and they’ll come back to their right senses. It’s worth noting that each Palace has a different look and theme that features new stuff, making sneaking a very viable option.

Ambushing Shadows is essential to reaching the Palace Treasure too, and reduces the chance of being caught. If caught too many times, players will be kicked out of the Metaverse and can only return the next day.

Thanks to AtlusUSA, you can watch the video trailer below that goes over the above and then some.

As noted above, Persona 5 is already out now over in Japan for PS3 and PS4. Folks in the West will get the RPG on April 4th.

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