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Shin Megami Tensei In Development For Nintendo Switch

In case you missed it during the Nintendo Switch live-stream presentation that took place in Tokyo, Japan on January 12th, Nintendo announced that they have teamed up with Atlus and will have a specially made Shin Megami Tensei title made specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

The game is still very early in development and they didn’t talk much (or at all) about the actual gameplay, but they did reveal that they would have more to share about the upcoming JRPG later in the year.

In order to at least whet the appetite of hype for Nintendonites, they released a minute and a half long trailer teasing some of the demons, monsters and characters that will be present in the game. You can check it out below.

The trailer is nothing but a concept teaser. We get a dark room with some roses that eventually pans over and showcases various demons from the previous Shin Megami Tensei games.

Some fans have presumed that Atlus may be going for a remaster of one of the classic Shin Megami Tensei titles, specifically Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

Right now we have no idea what they’re planning on doing with the game and they’ve just come off Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, so we’ll see what they have planned for the this new Nintendo Switch title.

There’s some good possibilities there depending on if they’re going old-school or aiming for something new.

The Nintendo Switch has received a lot of feedback since its announcement, not all of it has been positive. Some people are really looking forward to the Switch while others are leery given the $299.99 price tag. Pre-orders are slowly starting to fly off the shelves, but it’s tough right now to gauge if it’s going to be a hot item like the Wii or a stinker like the Wii U.

As mentioned, we can expect more info about Shin Megami Tensei for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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