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1437560cookie-checkThousands Of Years Later Entering Early Access On Steam Soon

Thousands Of Years Later Entering Early Access On Steam Soon

Voted through Steam Greenlight with ease sometime back comes indie dev Piao Jingfu’s Thousands of Years Later, which is now up on Steam’s Coming Soon page and will release sometime in the near future for PC via Steam Early Access.

There’s a new game heading to Steam Early Access, and with that said gamers have every right to be leery when it comes to an Early Access game that appears out of nowhere and seeks to bring forth its content to folks the world around. In addition to games appearing on Early Access, some of them promise things that never see the light of day.

I’m not sure if this game will take the same route as other scammy games or other great games, but the overall concept, if done correctly, seems somewhat interesting compared to other small indie projects that come from Greenlight.

Thousands of Years Later contains various parts around its sandbox world that allow players to build working vehicles, buildings, and other items to combat monsters that live in the wasteland.

For additional information regarding Thousands of Years Later, you can read over the official description below.

“Thousands of Years Later is sandbox game with a Mechanical Manufacturing System and a Construction System. You can use basic elements to produce various weapons, gear, vehicles or anything you might find useful to protect your constructions.”

Although the dev did not post up a new video as of recent showing the game in its current state, you can watch an older trailer revealing what Thousands of Years Later has to offer gamers.

I really do like games that give players the option to create things from scratch like in Scrap Mechanic, hopefully the dev can stick with this game and see it through to the end, and fix up it up to be better.

If Thousands of Years Later seems like something worth following you can head on over to Steam Early Access or to watch out for updates, seeing how the game has no social media links connected to it or the dev.

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