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1442620cookie-checkAMD Ryzen 8-Core CPU Launches March 2nd For $329

AMD Ryzen 8-Core CPU Launches March 2nd For $329

The 8-core, 16-thread mega beast that AMD has been toiling away on is finally prepping for release and the company has opened up pre-orders for the different tiers of the Ryzen CPU, which comes in three different forms, with the entry level 1700 being $329 at 3.0GHz, the 1700X at 3.4GHz being $399 and the 1800X with an impressive 3.6GHz per core carrying a $499.99 price tag. You’ll be able to pick up the new Ryzen 7 series CPU starting March 2nd, next week.

Legit Reviews did a full breakdown of the recent AMD press conference held where they rolled out press slides and presentations of just how powerful their new Ryzen line of CPUs are, and how they’re aiming to ravage Intel right up the socket hole and give gamers a super high-end alternative in the enthusiast market, which was dominated by Intel’s i7 line for long enough.


According to Legit Reviews, the Ryzen 7 line will be available at first and then this will be followed later on with the release of the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 series for those who aren’t interested in building a mega-rig.

One of the things that they’ve also taken pride in is being able to outform Intel’s i7-6900K in the synthetic benchmarks, where they showed 9% performance gains over Intel’s long-lauded king of the CPU arena. The Ryzen 7 1800X scored the same in single-thread numbers, but edged the i7 in multi-threaded operations.

AMD may be trailing in the GPU performance field like Germany trails in safeguarding their residents from being mass raped by refugees, but they’ve managed to secure some great opportunities to get more boards on the shelf featuring AMD CPUs to ensure that nearly every enthusiast looking to upgrade will have a variety of options featuring the Ryzen 7 CPU series.

There will be 82 different motherboards available at launch featuring Ryzen CPUs, and they’re expecting to blow that number up to over 200 by the end of the first quarter in 2017.

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