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Atlus Survey Wants To Know What You Think About Persona Spin-offs And More

In an upcoming survey that wants to know what you think should come out next in the Persona series, asks questions like would you like to see Persona 5 Definitive Edition, or if you would like to see a 3DS, Switch, PS Vita, mobile, or VR spin-off title in the series doing something different. Atlus published this on, which the survey will end on February 7th.

If you want to give  your input and help shape the next title in the Persona series, Atlus currently has a survey up for you so that you can see a different iteration come to fruition in the series. The online survey is up over on and asks various questions. Some of the questions even include what you think about Shin Megami Tensei HD and requires you to mark boxes that are present in the game’s teaser trailer. Project RE Fantasy also has a question survey, too, but shows concept art instead of a trailer.

Looking over to the juicy part, folks of the P series will be able to select what type of game they would like to purchase, which consists of the following titles: Persona 6, Persona 5 with new content, Persona 5 fighting game, Persona 5 dance game, Revelations: Persona HD remake, Persona 2: Innocent Sin / Eternal Punishment HD remake, Persona 3 HD remake, Persona 3 dance game, Persona Q sequel and remake for other platforms, Persona board game, Persona Online, and Persona series shooter.

All of the titles listed above feature a check box for folks to mark so that they can send Atlus feedback as to what game or product of the P series should drop or be considered in the future.

The survey also lists other platforms like PS4, PS VR, Nintendo Switch, the 3DS, PS Vita, mobile smartphones, and “other” — which allows you to put in your own platform. After selecting what platform you would like to see the game on, you will be able select if you are interested or not interested in the overall project.

Lastly, the whole thing may or may not see what you want come to realization. In other words, just because a lot people may want to see a P5 fighting game it may not happen, but a P5 online game could come out instead — so it’s best to keep that in mind while taking the survey.

As noted above the Japanese survey is available to take right now, and will end on February 7th. The link to the site sits here for you to hit up

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