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BLISTER Devs Share Updates After Greenlight Success

Some time ago we covered a game that was on Steam Greenlight named BLISTER. Small indie developer Item 42 not too long ago released images and GIFs showing the progress so far, letting fans know that the game is still going strong in development. BLISTER is set to hit PC, and will gain a playable demo this Spring.

Indie developer Item 42 a while back released a game on Steam Greenlight named BLISTER. The game is much like the older Rainbow 6 games that dealt with commanding AI teammates and stifling terrorist plans through tactical maneuvers.

BLISTER managed to pass Steam Greenlight and went a bit dark afterwards, leaving those who supported the game with no clue as to how the progress of the game was coming along. That has changed as of recent with the devs releasing a GIF showing some of the weapons in the game.

Although the next GIF is a bit old we do get to see how the destructible environments play an essential role in taking out enemies when they least expect you. In the official trailer we see that grenades and bullets can knock out walls and other structures, making murder holes convenient whenever you need one around.

Moreover, the devs want folks around and about to play the game in the coming months in the form of a demo. The exact date has not been set yet due to the devs wanting the demo to be polished and not to be some Early Access WIP that’s perpetually in development, but an actual demo for players to enjoy.

“Hey guys, we’ve been unusually quiet because we’ve been working hard on BLISTER. We don’t want the demo to feel like a crappy early access game in a perpetual alpha state so we’ve been spending a few more months whittling away at the mechanics and the graphical fidelity to make sure it’s an experience worth having.”


“We’re a small team so give us a few extra months and we’ll do our best to make something really fun. We have no solid dates for you because making games is hard work and I don’t know where I put the 2017 calendar that I got for Christmas. With that said, we absolutely want the demo released by springtime 2017, latest.”

The finished game will contain various missions, sieges and hostage rescues that span across 10 levels. Each of the locations will be throughout the UK, from council estates, power plants, abandoned offices, and countryside mansions, to oil rigs and slaughterhouses.

BLISTER will contain 50 plus lethal and non-lethal weapons that you will be able to customize with a bevy list of gadgets. Speaking of customization, weapons and your agents will be susceptible to said gadgets and equipment, which will let players use camo skins, different ammo types, and weapon/attachments that alter your overall weight.

The game will also feature a story mode called “Police Mode” and a free-like mode named “Assault Mode”.

The game has no release date yet, but as noted above, the demo is set to release during this year’s Spring. For more information on this game you can hit up the indie team’s main site.

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