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1442910cookie-checkDoom Directors Hugo Martin And Marty Stratton Talk Doom Sequel And More

Doom Directors Hugo Martin And Marty Stratton Talk Doom Sequel And More

Id Software and Bethesda proved that Doom could be made during modern times and still grab the bull by the horns, so much so that people are still talking about the 2016 FPS to this day and are looking for more single player ripping fun. Well, as of recent, directors Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton took up an interview with IGN at DICE 2017 and talked briefly about the sequel for Doom and more.

Doom will always hold a special place in my heart, I used to play the game a lot, making stages and doing a lot of things in different editors that were not supposed to be in the game — like putting in real 3D, flying, water that you could swim in, and other things the engine could not support — and had a lot of fun doing so.

In addition to the above, I was not the only person that took to modding and changing the game but thousands of other gamers out in the wild did the same, bolstering the game’s longevity and making the classic FPS still relevant and creating mods like Moon Man and more.

Speaking of longevity and mods, gamers and fans alike wanted another Doom game but were met with the 2004 version that wasn’t so great. Looking over to the 2016 edition a lot folks have mixed emotions for the multiplayer mode, but something that id Software and Bethesda did right that a lot of fans like is the single player mode and its story.

I see a lot of people still talking about Hayden and the Doom Guy and what will happen next. However, if you are looking for more info on the next entry to the game I think that silly guy who helped with Pacific Rim, Hugo Martin, and his co-worker, Marty Stratton, have you covered.

In an interview that Martin and Stratton took up with IGN at DICE 2017 (not the ones that botched BF4’s launch but Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertainment) the pair told the publication site when asked if id Software would start a new game/title or continue Doom’s story that…

“We left ourselves a really, really amazing canvas and a lot of colors to paint with going forward”.

It stands as a no brainer given how the game ended, I think that a lot folks already knew that a sequel would be on id Software’s check list. But as it stands now it is confirmed that the devs will make a sequel, so fans looking for more Doom story stuff can breath easy now.

Moreover, the two also talked about multiplayer stuff and how they want to give players more content. Stratton told the publication site that…

“We are sticking with the multiplayer, we’ve got some things that we want to still do and give players.”

So the 2016 game will receive some 2017 content. So all in all, folks wanting to decimate other player in the MP mode will see some stuff coming down the pipe-line in the near future, while those who want more Doom SP will see it further in the future in a new Doom title.

Currently the 2016 game by id Software and Bethesda, Doom, is out for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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