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1442150cookie-checkFlatout 4: Total Insanity Heads To PC This April

Flatout 4: Total Insanity Heads To PC This April

The initial announcement trailer for Flatout 4 only mentioned the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A lot of PC gamers were absolutely furious about this turn of events, leading to a lot of frustration and angry gamers. Well, Strategy First and Kylotonn Games announced that the PC will be on the receiving end of Flatout 4 come April.

The game will launch on Steam, featuring 27 different vehicles to unlock and customize, along with all new ways to modify vehicles in the new and improved garage. They’ve put together 20 different tracks to compete across, including new battle arenas, assault levels for the new combat mechanics, all new derby racing levels, and new carnage levels.

They let loose a quick 30 second teaser for the Steam version of Flatout 4 that you can check out below, courtesy of Game-Debate.

It’s nice to see some of the classic car designs from the original Flatout. It was something they had moved away from in the games that followed, turning it more into a clone of Burnout, with fancy high-end cars and lots of urban street racing scenarios.

The major appeal to the Flatout series was the more alt-punk, backwoods racing shenanigans that seemed to be the undertone of what Bugbear was shooting for with the first game. There weren’t any other games on the market like it.

The newer titles took on a more modern guise and the identity of the Flatout series felt burdened under corporate culture, and he only last remaining bit of the game that held its own was the driver-ejection mini-games.

Well, Kylotonn is bringing the series back to its roots while also pushing the series forward with all new gameplay modes and features.

After watching the trailer there’s still a part of me feels if this is a throwback game to the PSX era of action racers and car combat titles. I’m guessing the busted up ice cream truck is just giving me Twisted Metal nostalgia.

Anyway, Flatout 4 is due for release this April for PC. The game will also launch for PS4 and Xbox One. The local and online multiplayer modes will also make a return, too.

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