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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Ugly Asari Peebee Can Be Romanced

BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature romance… just like in previous Mass Effect games. We were already made aware that Cora Harper, the first officer of the Tempest crew, could be romanced by one of the Ryder twins. What we didn’t know was who else would be romanced. Well, now we know that Peebee, the ugly Asari can also be romanced.

COG Connected picked up the news from over on Twitter, where BioWare producer Michael Gamble confirmed that Peebee can in fact be romanced.

For those of you who couldn’t wait to get into the pants of Peebee… well, now that you know that you can, you just have to wait until March 21st to do so.

This was originally brought up when actress Christine Lakin confirmed in a video interview that Peebee can be romanced.

The romance, however, in Mass Effect: Andromeda has been overhauled, so getting on the good side of Peebee may not be as easy (or as hard) as you may have thought.

Lead writer Mac Walters explained to IGN

“As far as the relationships go, we try to make them less formulaic,” […]


“In the original trilogy, they often were you do a couple conversations with them and then it’s getting close to the end, it’s time to romance. What I wanted to see in this was more of a, well, somebody might want to hop in the sack right away, [or] somebody might never want to hop in the sack because this is too important — trying to find that more natural way into what a relationship would be like within the constraints of game development. We’re trying to make it as open ended as possible.”

So there you have it… maybe Peebee will want to jump in the sack early on, or maybe it happens later on. You’ll have to play the game to find out, and that won’t happen until March 21st.

In the previous trailer BioWare revealed the Tempest’s human crew and made it pretty clear that they were getting rid of the high-class super model look that they had in the original Mass Effect trilogy in order to focus more on characters most normal people wouldn’t consider to be all that attractive.

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