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7 February 2017

Nioh Guide: Here’s How To Reset Skill And Attribute Points

I’m sure you have done this in many games and there is no doubt that it will happen in Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s Nioh: putting your stats in the wrong attribute and looking to reset your stats to undo the mistake. In this guide folks will learn how to reset skill and attribute points in Nioh.

The amount of times points have been put in the wrong attribute to only hinder a player’s overall performance will probably be very high if tallied up, but in Nioh there is a way to counter that specific problem with a special item.

You can get a leaflet named the Book of Reincarnation from mission rewards or hidden locations. There are multiple ways to obtain this book so that you can re-arrange your stats accordingly, in which one method is to trade in 800 Glory in the hidden tea-house to get the Book of Reincarnation.

It’s worth noting that each time the book is purchased the price will increase every time, so it’s best to distribute your stats to compliment your play-style so that you won’t have to keep going through the same process over and over.

Another way to get the book is to go to the world map and head to the starting point and go to the Blacksmith. From here you will want to buy the item straight from the Blacksmith, which should cost 10,000. You will be able to reset your skill points by going to your inventory and selecting the Book of Reincarnation in the Usable Items list.

This will allow you to re-distribute your points at the shrine, same with Ninjutsu, Ninja Skill Points and Magic.

If you want to see the re-distribution process in action, trophy hunting channel PowerPyx has a visual guide for you to look over below.

It’s worth noting that you can only get the leaflet by completing the two beginning story missions to obtain the world map to locate the Blacksmith.

As of now Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s action-adventure game Nioh is out now for PS4.

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