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1441730cookie-checkPerception, Echolocation Horror Game Coming Soon To Xbox One

Perception, Echolocation Horror Game Coming Soon To Xbox One

Deep End Games has partnered with indie publisher Feardemic to release their echolocation-themed horror game Perception onto the Xbox One. Players take on the role of a blind investigator who must use sound waves and echo-vibrations as a sensory navigation tool against the ghostly terrors of a haunted mansion.

They announced recently that the game will now arrive on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Bill Gardner, creative director at The Deep End Games commented about the inclusion of the Xbox platform via the press release, stating…

“We didn’t want to leave Xbox One players in the dark—no pun intended—by supporting their console of choice,” “We’re really excited that Xbox fans will be able to experience the unique world we’ve built in Perception.”

They released a teaser trailer for the Xbox One version of Perception that you can view below. It gives you a very brief look at the way the echolocation system works and how the impaired vision of the investigator is highlighted with a sonar-like visual representation.

Now the cool part about it is that you can use the sounds created by the investigator to further see what a room or hallway or structure is like, or you can listen and use the other sounds generated by the ghosts to get an idea of where they are and how they’re navigating the house. It’s kind of a cool mechanic that reminds me of visually painting an atmosphere using visual ripple effects created through audio vibrations.

The whole echolocation theme was what helped sell the concept on Kickstarter a while back, and now as they near release on home console and PC, they’re finally putting in those final touches and sprucing the game up for launch.

I don’t know how much playability they’ll be able to get out of Perception, but it’s made up by some of the same people who brought you the BioShock games. So we’ll see what they have in store when the title finally launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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