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PS4 Game Save Editor Set To Hit Japan In March 2017

According to publication site Esuteru, we’ve learned that a company named Cyber Gadget will bring a Game Shark-like program to the market for folks who game on the Playstation 4. The PS4 Game Save Editor will launch in Japan sometime in March of this year, and can be used on PC to edit PS4 save data for a variety of games in order to achieve whatever it is that you are after.

If you are into things like Game Shark, cheat engines and other stuff to get trophies and so on in games, then Cyber Gadget’s latest PS4 Game Save Editor could be the thing that you are looking for. Set to release in Japan next month, it will cost 7,800 yen (around $69.99) for a single user license, or 14,800 yen (around $129.99) for three user license.

Moreover, the PS4 game Save Editor is a PC app that (when released) will let you change up and edit PS4 game save data. This will essentially let you cheat and obtain data like infinite money, max levels, and do other stuff that can’t be done in the official version of whatever title that it is you are playing.

According to Esuteru, it is noted that upon entering a patch code or codes you will be able to change even more content in a game. As it stands now Cyber Gadget has patch codes for well over 80 titles (and according to the header image) that includes Akiba’s Trip 2, Battlefield 1, Dead or Alive Extreme 3, Fallout 4, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5, Dragon Quest, Gravity Rush 2, and much more.

In addition to the above, patch codes for unregistered games will be released on a regular basis and will be for free.

Below is a setup guide that comes from Cyber Gadget’s official site.

Transfer save data from your PS4 to a USB memory, Install the Save Editor on your computer, and connect the USB memory (that you copied) to your computer, Open the Save Editor and select the patch codes you want to use, Transfer the edited save data back to your PS4 to use the edited version.

It’s worth noting that if you are not into these kinds of devices and cheats, it’s best to skip the editor altogether. However, if you are the type that likes to revisit games that you already beat on console, but seek to do something different in an alternate way of the original game, this may be something worth checking out.

You can learn more about the PS4 Game Save Editor by heading over to Esuteru or

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