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1550100cookie-checkThe Games That Pushed Playstation 4 to the Limit

The Games That Pushed Playstation 4 to the Limit

It has been a couple of weeks since Sony announced that they were stopping the production of PlayStation 4 devices, for the production line to pick up the pace and to focus solely on producing PlayStation 5 consoles. The announcement was more or less expected as both PlayStation 4 as well as PS4 Pro have passed the final threshold in terms of being able to support the functionality of demanding games. Just a ten-minute gameplay test drive on a PS5 is enough to convince gamers that playing recent eighth-generation AAA titles is almost too big of a challenge for a PS4. This does not mean that your PS4 cannot do the job, but a demanding game will easily make the console overheat and underperform when it is trying to load. Many games will run just fine, but there are certain games, where the gaming experience will be seriously compromised.

Marvel’s Avengers by Square Enix is an amazing game that gives you the opportunity to assume the role of multiple superheroes. The graphics are great, and the gameplay is awesome, but if you are playing it on a PS4, then get ready to run out of patience. The game’s loading time is almost unacceptable for the standards of modern gaming. If you enjoy fast-paced games such as Nioh or such as the video poker game found at, then you might feel like is it time to stop playing Avengers and to do something more fun. On the contrary, if you play Avengers on a PS5, you will enjoy every moment of the game, and you will not feel like a steam locomotive is passing by your living room because of the noise coming from the fan of the PS4 console.

Square’s Marvel’s Avengers is not the only game causing PS4’s fan to go into overdrive. The gameplay quality of another Square Enix title; and probably the best game of 2020 is very different when played on a PS5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake came out much later than expected, but it might have been better if Square had waited until PlayStation 5 was released. Running the game is simply too much for a PS4 console, and there will be times where the noise coming from your device will be louder than the sound coming out from your television’s speakers.


A series of games that has always put consoles to the limit is Call of Duty. Regardless if you are playing Call of Duty III, Modern Warfare or Cold War, these thumb-breaking FPS titles are simply too much for a PS4 to handle. It will only take minutes for the console to overheat once the game has started running, and this will have a negative effect on the user experience. The loading times are long, and the console noise will once again bother you to the point of frustration.

The list of games such as the ones mentioned above is pretty long, but thankfully, PlayStation 5 has come to the rescue. Those who already traded up and who replaced their PS4 with a PS5 are enjoying 8th generation titles in 4K quality and at really fast loading speeds. PlayStation 5 cannot do wonders of course. Still, Sony’s decision to allow for backward compatibility has given players the opportunity to go back to playing previously released best-sellers and to really enjoy some of the best games of the previous decade.

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