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1443140cookie-checkThe Crown of Leaves: Puzzle Adventure Visual Novel Is Greenlit For Steam

The Crown of Leaves: Puzzle Adventure Visual Novel Is Greenlit For Steam

First, I want to start by saying I love the art style and the original fantasy setting that The Crown Of Leaves developers, The Broken Horn, have created for their new point and click adventure. Hands down, it looks really unique.

The Crown Of Leaves takes place in the world of Shang-La, a world filled with magic and strange creatures that look a bit like goat people. You play as the main protagonist Roui, a jewelry maker that isn’t very fond of magic and the mystical arts. Roui is commissioned by a prosperous Baron to make the man a bracelet as a gift for his fiance, and Roui agrees because he needs the extra money.

As luck would have it, a mysterious spirit steals the bracelet away before Roui has a chance to finish it, and shortly after that a mysterious person named “The stranger” shows up and offers to help Roui catch the spirit and retrieve his bracelet. Now, Roui and The Stranger must unlock the secrets of the Spirit thief and work together to capture it.

The developers say that The Crown Of Leaves will have multiple choice dialogue options, and every choice will affect the story. You will be able to choose to be either the hero or the villain, and they say that both paths will have consequences. Furthermore, it isn’t a standard visual novel, you will have to decode ciphers and solve puzzles as well, making The Crown Of Leaves more of a point-and-click adventure game. The developers put together a trailer for the The Crown Of Leaves, so check out the video that I linked down below.

The Crown Of Leaves has already been Greenlit by the community, and the first episode is scheduled for a May 2017 release date. The development team doesn’t seem to have an official website, but you can learn more about them by visiting their Tumblr page, as well as their Patreon page for further details.

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