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Usurper: Metroidvania Platformer is looking for Greenlight votes

Usurper is a Metroidvania-inspired action adventure game that is the sequel to developer Pugware´s earlier successful title, Shrouded in Sanity.

The story of Usurper takes place in an alternate timeline of 1898 in London, where a strange and dark Citadel has landed inside the city where it has begun to release the “maddening Fog” that is creating widespread panic and chaos. The empress has put together a team of soldiers to go inside and investigate the mysterious Citadel, and it appears that you will play one of these soldiers that will attempt to find the source of the fog and put an end to it.

Usurper is a platform adventure RPG game that was also inspired by the Souls series. The developers say that you will be able to freely explore the Citadel to discover all of its secrets, find shortcuts, and unlock new powerful weapons and abilities. Usurper features an impressive amount of weapons and spells, with over 90 different weapons and spells for you to use in battle, ranging from rifles, swords, cannons, bows, daggers, two-handed swords, and of course, whips. You can’t go into an evil monster-demon filled Castle fortress and not bring a whip with you. Seriously, you just can’t.

The developers also say that Usurper uses a unique combat system called “Focus”, where anyone can pick the game up to play but it is challenging to master. I’m not entirely sure how Focus works, but based on the trailer that I linked below, it looks like it will allow you to teleport like Final Fantasy XV and use other powerful special magical abilities. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below to see what the game is actually like.

As you can see, there are a lot of Metroidvania elements in Usurper, but you will also be able to customize your gameplay session by activating special game modifiers such as Perma-death mode, 1 HP mode, or Speed-Run mode to add more replay value. It really looks like the developers learned a lot from their first game Shrouded In Sanity, and has added a lot of cool features to make Usurper stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in learning more you can visit their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote.

If you are interested in playing the demo, you might want to add this game to your favorites list and check back in about a week to play a bit of the game for yourself.

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