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1446180cookie-checkAnoxemia, Deep Sea Adventure Lands On PS4, Xbox One For $7.99

Anoxemia, Deep Sea Adventure Lands On PS4, Xbox One For $7.99

BadLand Games and BSK Games announced that their underwater adventure title, Anoxemia, has officially launched for the Xbox One and PS4.

The game is a point-and-click, horror-adventure title where you squeeze through obstacles, avoid mines, dodge underwater gunfire and attempt to navigate your way through the oceanic maze of tumult and danger.

There’s a launch trailer below that you can check out to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

Simply put, the game is an indie title. It’s a side-scroller and it’s a bit of a puzzle game.

Players help guide Dr. Bailey through the underwater adventures as an ATMA operations drone. You’ll have to diffuse mines, unfold a horror plot and traverse through 38 different levels in the game.

There are also various items and upgrades that can be acquired to further up aid the ATMA drone and Dr. Bailey through the deep sea concave.

Given the game’s design and gameplay mechanics, Anoxemia is a budget-priced game, available for only $7.99.

Visually the game is very reminiscent of Limbo and other titles that utilize the silhouette art-style to convey the environment and characters.

Dark shadows outline most of the atmosphere and the characters and active objects are basically darkened against the blue ocean in the background.

To be honest, it’s hard to get a gauge on what the real hook for the game is. It appears to be a standard point-and-click adventure. It would have been nice if the trailer gave more of a reason as to why players are doing what they’re doing… but it seems to be centered around Dr. Bailey’s nightmares. I just wish we had more of some kind of hints about what makes Anoxemia a horror title. Maybe a glimpse at a monster or something.

Anyway, you can learn more by visiting the Badland Games website.

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