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1443970cookie-checkBandai Namco Reveals New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots [Spoilers]

Bandai Namco Reveals New Dark Souls 3 Screenshots [Spoilers]

The final DLC installment that will add on more to Dark Souls 3 will appear on March 28th. To spread the news Bandai Namco updated its main site to reflect that a batch of new screenshots on the game’s Facebook are now up for folks to look over, though it’s worth mentioning that they’re considered to be spoilers.

As of now, Dark Souls 3 is out for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The upcoming expansion will hit said platforms come March 28th, and it stands as the final DLC. Although fans of Dark Souls 3 will only have this DLC to expand the title into the future, I’m sure it will please a lot of DS3 fans when it drops.

To excite players ahead of The Ring City DLC, Bandai Namco published a batch of new screenshots of From Software’s game showing players the environment and enemies that lie waiting in the new downloadable expansion. The images also arrived with this text:

“The second DLC of Dark Souls III will be available on March 28th! Discover exclusive screenshots and artworks of this upcoming adventure!”

The images can be found over on Bandai Namco main site or on Dark Souls’ Facebook page. If you are curious and want to check out the new screens you can, but it’s worth noting that the images are considered to be spoilers.

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Above we can see the royal residents, lost wanderers, a giant dragon beast, and a sunken city consumed by darkness. The upcoming expansion, like many other expansions in the game’s past, will add new locations, armor, weapons, enemies and bosses to take on.

If you are looking to jump in and take on the new stuff that will be introduced in Dark Souls 3, folks have near the latter part of March to go until the new DLC becomes consumable to the public across PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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