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Dark Souls Series Is Done, According to From Software President Miyazaki

If you have been a long-standing fan of the Dark Souls Series, you might be disappointed to hear that the beloved, hardcore dungeon crawler series, has sadly come to an end.

According to From Software’s president, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the entire Dark Souls series is now completely finished and done with, with the Dark Souls 3: The Ring City DLC, being the final game expansion for the trilogy. Twitter user 黒凧 BlackKite, translated Miyazaki’s series of messages that he posted on Twitter, so that we could read exactly what Miyazaki had to say about the end of the series. I quote below –

Hidetaka Miyazaki: Dark Souls series is completely done as of DS3: The Ringed City. At least for now we don’t have any future plans for it.


Miyazaki went on to say that the series has its mistakes and he didn’t implement everything he wanted in the series, but it was overall a blessed series.

Miyazaki: I dont think I’ve implemented all I wanted. Each Dark Souls games have their own mistakes but I think overall its a blessed series

Even though Dark Souls is done, the president went on to say that they have several new interesting projects that they are working on, but they aren’t focused on copying the Dark Souls formula.

From Miyazaki: Currently working on a number of games that should be interesting. We’re not concerned about whether they resemble DS or not.


I’m personally okay with the news that they are ending the series, instead of running a good series into the ground by milking it for money. Deciding to end it on a high note isn’t such a bad thing, but at the same time, I understand there will be a few people that are disappointed that their favorite hardcore dungeon exploring RPG has come to a triumphant end. However, Miyazaki did say “At least for now we don’t have any future plans for it,” so that doesn’t mean never. Thanks also to BlackKite for taking the time to translate and share the message for the rest of us.

I’m curious to see what the developers at From Software is cooking up and what they will have in store for us in the future, and if their upcoming games will be as successful as the Dark Souls series.

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