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1444870cookie-checkFlatout 4 On Nintendo Switch Certainly Possible, Says Publisher

Flatout 4 On Nintendo Switch Certainly Possible, Says Publisher

In a recent interview that involved speaking with the developers from Kylotonn Games and Strategy First, some new information regarding Flatout 4 was gleaned from the interview. We learned about some of the mechanics, the modes, the platform release dates, and whether or not the action-oriented racing combat game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

[Correction: The article originally stated that Susan Cummings was from Strategy First, but she’s working with Strategy First.]

According to Susan Cummings from Tiny Rebel Games, working with Strategy First – a co-publisher handling the digital and North American release of Flatout 4 – she explained that Flatout 4 arriving at some point on the Nintendo Switch in the near future is certainly a possibility, if the system continues to sell well and the community continues to show interest in the software library for the system. She stated…

“It’s certainly possible. It’s definitely something Strategy First have been watching with interest – the early success of the Switch. I wouldn’t say anything is out of the question.”

This has been a common and frequent response from developers and other studios who have not quite jumped into making games for the Switch. In a previous interview with NaturalMotion, they mentioned that the Switch was definitely on their radar and that it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that they could support the console.

The Nintendo Switch reportedly moved 1.5 million SKUs during its first week on the market. If the momentum maintains pace, it could easily have 3 million SKUs moved throughout spring.

Establishing a rapidly growing install base means that there’s a chance for more software to move and a higher opportunity to make bank on the titles they port to the Switch. According to the reports, there’s a 98% attachment rate between the Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. So software definitely moves on the system, but only if people are genuinely interested in it. We haven’t seen the numbers for third-party software, so it’s tough to tell how much of a chance smaller third-party titles would have on the Switch.

Right now the only notable racing game on the system is Fast RMX, and they won’t get another decent racing title until Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. So any additional third-party racers would likely be very well welcomed on the Switch.

As for Flatout 4… the game launches on March 17th in Europe for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One courtesy of Big Ben Interactive. The game will also be available on April 4th for PC courtesy of Strategy First, and it will launch shortly after that during the mid-part of April in North America for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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