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11 March 2017

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – How To Tame And Mount Bears

Want to ride a bear in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Well, you can. You just need heart, determination, and the iron will that only Link can possess. Oh yeah, and a bit of timing.

There are a few quick videos floating around out there showing gamers how to get their hands on some rare mounts in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one of which includes a rather feisty bear.

A 35 second video from YouTuber Fox Cincaid shows gamers where to find the bear and how to safely mount him.

So essentially, you’ll find the ravenous bears roaming the pastures of the Gerudo Highlands. You can venture there and find them usually grazing by light forested areas.

They are dangerous, however. So if you decide to mount a bear you’ll need to do so from behind where they can’t take a swap at you.

In the video above, Fox leaps off a small boulder area onto the back of the bear, and tames him.

Alternatively, you can sneak up from behind and stealthily mount the bear, as depicted in the video below from SwimmingBird941.

As showcased in the video, you’ll need to rapidly tap the left trigger to “Soothe” the bear until he’s tamed. He won’t always stay that way, so you’ll consistently have to keep the bear tamed while you ride him.

Additionally, the bear is not very fast and you cannot attack with the bear. You also can’t store the bear as a mount in your stable; they won’t allow you.

So what’s the point of mounting a bear? Well, maybe you want to ride around in Hyrule looking like President Putin, eh comrade? Maybe you like being a manly man, no? Perhaps, you are a practitioner of toxic masculinity, and the only way to show how much of it you have is to spread it while riding a bear… bareback? It will either make the panties drop, or cause SJWs to shriek, either way… you win.

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