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1444970cookie-checkNews Tycoon Coming To Steam Early Access On March 24th

News Tycoon Coming To Steam Early Access On March 24th

One of the latest games set to arrive soon on Steam Early Access is Oreol’s News Tycoon. The game allows players to write about any type of news as a newspaper outlet. News Tycoon is set to come out for PC via Steam on March 24th.

News Tycoon tasks players with the job of managing news and publication pieces. Starting from scratch players must rent buildings, manage rooms, hire journalist and put out interesting content that others will read.

Much like other tycoon games that have players managing specific locations and hiring people that are not only reliable, and that will get the job done, but prospering in the long run.

You can read the very detailed and long description for News Tycoon, which sits below.

“News Tycoon is a real-time tycoon game about newspaper management”

Unlike other developers that abuse Steam Early Access to bring in more money on a game that is barely complete, the developers over News Tycoon note that the game is already 95 percent done, and that they hope to stay on Early Access less than one through two months:

“As we said, game is 95% ready, but we want to launch our game through the Early Access first. The reason for it is simple – our team, is indie, we don’t have massive testing resources – EA is a perfect testing platform, it will give us opportunity to polish the game before full launch – for example, change balance, if needed. Our main goal is full release asap, so EA won’t last more than 1-2 month.”

After News Tycoon will release next week, a month afterwards the game will likely exit Early Access, which is something that is rare for an indie title on Steam Early Access. Anyways, the game’s official trailer sits below.

You can visit News Tycoon’s newly posted Steam Early Access page to learn more about this game.

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