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Persona 5 “Sizzle” Trailer Preps Fans For April 4th Release

Atlus is gearing up to release Persona 5 in the early part of April, the fourth to be exact, and ahead of the release comes a trailer entitled “Sizzle”. Following the lives of the Phantom Thieves, the trailer also teases in-game scenes, too.

Persona 5 is just one month away from releasing to the West and becoming playable. And once it hits the West it will be available for the PS4. Well, it seems that ahead of its April 4th release Atlus wanted to give fans an early trailer (not the launch trailer) to show what the game is all about.

According to the description that the video sports over on Atlus USA YouTube channel, we learn that P5 explores both internal and external conflicts of a group that boasts dual lives.

In addition to the above, by day the high-schoolers live out their normal lives — going to class, after school activities and part-time jobs. But when trouble arises the group becomes otherworldly heroes that enter the hearts of people, in which they attempt to save the world by changing it to match their perception and see through the masks that everyday people wear.

But enough of me talking about the story that P5 contains. The brand new trailer that AtlusUSA posted runs close to two minutes in length and can be seen below.

To be honest here, I’m afraid that this game could face censorship with some of its “sizzling” content, especially with the character Anne.

p5 3

Although the creators behind the game noted that she (Anne) did not face any censorship with the cover of the Western version and that it was the rating that caused her to be covered due to the cat’s face having to be moved — although the cat’s face is still covered in the original. A lot of gamers felt that it was still an attempt at censoring the game to please special snowflake SJWs.

P5 2

I could be overthinking things here, but it’s current year… which means anything can happen.

Anyways, we will have to wait and see when P5’s April 4th release date hits the scene to see what happens. For those that don’t know, the game is already out in Japan for the PS3 and PS4, and will hit the West early next month.

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