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1445360cookie-checkRPG Maker MV PC Version Tileset Builder Now Available

RPG Maker MV PC Version Tileset Builder Now Available

Publisher Degica and developers KADOKAWA and Yoji Ojima released a new update for RPG Maker MV. The update lets you build and create any tile-set from the top of your head by utilizing the RPG Maker MV tools called SAKAN, which just released for PC via Steam.

As some may already know, I’m really for gamers or ordinary people getting into creating stuff; you know, like allowing average people to make games and utilize tools to experiment with. It’s cool being about to increase creativity without having to spend money that would essentially break the bank.

In this case we have the famous and infamous RPG Maker. Most of the times, especially on Steam Greenlight, the game maker is used to make a quick cheap game which is then released on a platform to profit from, which is just wrong to do. However, the game maker can be used for legitimate reasons, too.

For those looking to increase their game making skills, or making games for fun and to tell a story, the devs behind RPG Maker MV released a new update as of this writing that allows folks to create things with much more detail.

“SAKAN is built to let you create tile-sets ready to use in RPG Maker MV. Using the thousand more parts delivered with SAKAN, you can customize the tile-set delivered with MV, or build your own original one, all without having to do any dot by dot painting.”

As you can see below, folks are given a bevy amount of options to change things up to whatever suits the game that players are looking to make/create.

RPG Maker MV

We also get to see additional perks in the editor that help create new content or player made content, which holds paths and description for editing/finding.

RPG Maker MV2

If you want you can further investigate the latest update by hitting up RPG Maker MV‘s Steam page or the devs main site.

Lastly, the entire franchise of RPG Maker currently has a 60 percent off deal going that includes RPG Maker MV. For more information on the deal that will end on March 24th, you can hit up

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