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Tips And Tricks To Help Fix Toukiden 2 PC Crash on Startup

Are you facing problems while trying to startup Toukiden 2 on PC? Do you face issues where the game just crashes or stops working? If so, there are some tips and tricks that might help you, they are not guaranteed to work but they just might help some folks out until a new and better optimized update is seeded by Koei Tecmo.

There’s a growing thread or discussion over on Toukiden 2’s Steam page that has a lot of people trying to figure out how to get the open-world RPG hunting title to work on their PC. A lot of fans wanting to support the game keep facing issues that either crash the game or they just can’t enter it at all.

While many are refunding it or just giving up on the PC version altogether, there are some that took the time to try and help each other so that they can enjoy Koei Tecmo’s PC port of Toukiden 2.

Thanks to we learn some things that may or may not help, which hopefully does help anyone reading this.

Toukiden2Launcher.exe has stopped working

  1. One solution that the site offers to help fix the problem is to download DirectX through its step-by-step tutorial.
  2. ¬†Another solution is to clean windows garbage and speed up your registry to avoid sound errors. If you don’t want to download Windows 10 Cleaner it is okay, but it’s worth reading over if you are looking for some help.
  3. The next step in fixing the game not working is to uninstall your video driver and install the latest version. The site has a step-by-step guide for you to read over.
  4. Another method is to try and have all vcredists visuals installed, which you can read over on the site.

Toukiden 2 0xc000007b unable to start

It is suggested that you clean windows errors and registry and then download and install all VC Visuals. It is recommended that you install framework then try to re-install your video card driver to help fix the errors. Here are the links to the three guides that they have up for you to read over to help Toukiden 2 to work: Clean Windows, VC Visuals and Framework, Re-Install Video Card Driver.

Toukiden 2 unable to run (correctly)

If you want to run Toukiden 2 at nice settings or you want to run the game properly without any stutters or problems, hopefully this guide on Toukiden 2 for PC and Performance will help you.

If your problems persist even after trying everything listed above, sadly you will have to wait until Koei Tecmo releases an update to address said issues. Lastly, you can try visiting if you want to try and find more information on solving Toukiden 2 not working properly on PC.

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