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1446200cookie-checkWe Happy Few Update Adds New Maidenholm Island, New Difficulty Settings

We Happy Few Update Adds New Maidenholm Island, New Difficulty Settings

Compulsion Games released a new video and blog post update for the major content update for We Happy Few. They’ve included lots of new quests, encounters, more violence and new difficulty settings.

The three difficulty settings include the Birdwatcher, Vigilante and Downer options. The first is basically just a story-oriented mode where you don’t have to deal with the survival aspects of the game, such as eating or drinking. The Vigilante mode is focused on combat, making We Happy Few much closer to the likes of the original BioShock. The Downer option is the standard difficulty, where players will have survival aspects to deal with, the quests to complete, and NPCs who may or may not be socially triggered by your presence.

The other big change is of course the introduction of the newly constructed island, Maidenholm. You can get a look at the new isle with the video below.

The three playstyles is pretty cool because now all those people who complained about the survival aspects can play without them, and everyone who complained about wanting more violence, can also partake in that as well.

The new Peeper NPC has also been implemented, giving the police an extra pair of eyes if you decide to act a fool in the streets of Wellington Wells.

Over on the Compulsion Games blog, they have a long list of other features they’ve added to the Early Access rendition of We Happy Few as well, including a new Butcher quest line, a new Odds and Ends quest line, a Chemist, some new developments for the Church of Simon Says, and three challenging new shelters in St. George’s Holm, Maidenholm, and Lud’s Holm.

Some new deadly toxins now seep out at night, and they’ve done some bug fixing and optimizing to help We Happy Few run a lot better on low-spec machines.

The game is currently available right now as part of the Xbox Preview program, as well as the Games in Development program, and in Early Access over on Steam.

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