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1449110cookie-checkBethesda E3 Art Teases New Games In Development

Bethesda E3 Art Teases New Games In Development

Bethesda is known for making very large scale games; whether you like these games or not are all up to personal preference. However, in a new splash art for the company’s upcoming E3 2017 appearance, it reveals some new games, and it has a lot of people speculating that it’s news regarding rumored works like The Elder Scrolls 6, Wolfenstein, Fallout New Orleans, or art pertaining to Prey or Doom.

All the listed games are speculated to be right around the corner at this year’s E3, but what happened if there are other games to come out of the glitchy woodwork by Bethesda? Before diving into what these new games could be, here is the teaser image that Pete Hines posted on his Twitter account.


Cutting straight to the meat, the image showcases a list of rides (or games) that are well known, except for two which are under construction. The signs on the work sites read “Coming Soon”, meaning that we will see info on these two projects at this year’s E3.

The theme park rides show Doom, Dishonored 2, Prey, Oblivion (though that’s old), Quake Champions and Fallout 4. Named games are featured due to the likelihood that they will appear in some shape or form at the game convention, but what are the last two titles?

Those who are invested in rumors are saying that it’s going to be a new take at the game Rage, but what seems a bit more likely is that we could see a new Wolfenstein and another The Evil Within. Additionally, here’s why we could see named titles, both MachineGames and Tango Gameworks are working on games for Bethesda, which was revealed through a job listing leak that publication site Two Left Sticks posted.

I’m not sure if these two games are the same two that Bethesda teased a while ago or if they are different? It’s suggested that these two games are different in that Bethesda Studio is working on the other two new games and that they are on the same scale as Fallout 4 in size. Having no clue whether if they are the same or not, only time will tell if there are four games in the works or just two.

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