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Crawl Guide: Here’s How To Unlock Gaben And Secret Deities

Looking to unlock the one and only Gaben and other secret deities in Powerhoof’s Crawl? If so, this guide covers how to unlock some of the hidden gods in the action RPG. As of now Crawl is out for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

If you want the creator of Half-Life and Steam in your game while playing Crawl, all you need to do is type in “HL3” for your name to get the one and only Gabe Newell — as seen above in the header image and below in the permission video.

Next up comes the now diabolical Moonman. He was once a mascot for McDonald’s, peaceful yet frightening, but as of today he is known as the racist, hip-hop minority killer. Much like another group that has a three lettered initial, if you type in “MMM” you will get Moonman himself.

Gabn MMM

To unlock the other deity picture that replaces all the other gods in the game with poo, then you will need to type in “POO” as your name to get the Tur’dlog.

Gabn Poo

I have no idea who this Bryan is supposed to be, but if you want to be this guy, you can become him by naming yourself “GOD” and he will replace every deity picture.

Gabn God

Next up comes the game’s hidden deity Tony Abbot. The man who once said the word “Canadia” can now be played in the game Crawl by typing in the letters “TNE” for your name. This will replace every deity with a picture of Tone in the game.

Gabn Tone

And that’s about it to this guide to unlocking some of the secret deities in Crawl. If you want to learn more about this game and find out other stuff you can head on over to Crawl is currently running for $14.99 over on Steam and GOG.

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