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1447180cookie-checkThe Surge Trailer Outlines Loot System And Mutilation

The Surge Trailer Outlines Loot System And Mutilation

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 Interactive released a new trailer for their hardcore action-RPG, The Surge. The upcoming sci-fi title featuring mech suits and melee combat had its loot system and targeting mechanics highlighted in the two minute trailer.

The trailer starts off by showcasing the body part targeting system, where players can focus their strikes on specific areas of an enemy’s body. It’s not unlike the VAT system in Fallout games. You can see how it works with the trailer below.

They highlight how the large makeshift cleaver aiming at the opponent’s body can be used to literally rip the enemy in half.

We then get to briefly see what the looting looks like. Players can either tap Square (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) and attempt to pick up any of the items that dropped from the enemy.

You can then go and assemble new items by bringing it to the crafting station. They reveal that you’ll need specific amounts of material – in this case, tech scrap – to craft some new body gear.

It’s designed to be quick and easy, and the gear actually shows up on the character as you move through the game.

The Surge - Guardian

We then see a higher level enemy with some really cool gear, and you can actually defeat him and take his stuff and then use it against anyone else who crosses your path.

Previously Deck13 had mentioned that they wanted gamers to be able to pick up and use anything that the enemy has been using. So there’s a lot of variety and versatility as far as equipment is concerned.

The Surge looks okay from what they’ve showcased. The gameplay seems serviceable and the plot seems mediocre. If they can either make one or the other really fantastic, then I think this game might be able to stand out amongst the throng of other Dark Souls-style clones.

The customization features look pretty rad, and I love the art-style and design of the mech suits. I just really hope they’re able to capture a proper horror vibe with the game, because it does remind me a little bit of Dead Space.

You can look for The Surge to launch on May 16th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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