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Yooka-Laylee Gameplay Walkthrough

Playtonic and Team17’s Yooka-Laylee has officially launched for home consoles and PC. The game was mired in some controversy surrounding the JonTron issues, but for gamers who already own the game looking for a bit of help to get through some of the levels, you can check out the gameplay walkthrough to help you along the way.

Youtuber Tealgamemaster has a walkthrough o fthe game, covering many of the different worlds and the challenges present in the title. You can check out the playlist series below.

After the early cinematic sequence you’ll be put into control of Yooka and Laylee. You’ll encounter Trowzer who will need 5 quills before letting you proceed. Simply use Square or ‘X’ (if you’re on the Xbox) to break the treasure boxes to collect 5 quills in order to proceed to the next segment through the gate.

Use Circle (or ‘B’ on Xbox) to grab any nearby butterflies to refill your health. Also, unlike casualized first-person shooters like Call of Duty, your health doesn’t refill. So keep an eye on your health and grab some butterflies when your life gets low.

Once you enter into the factory you’ll have to grab the first pagie. They’ll show you the route you’ll need to take in order to get your first pagie.

Talk to Trowzer to unlock the new slipppery slope ability, which will enable you to roll up slopes using the right trigger.

You’ll learn about building tomes and accessing new levels and worlds. Simply stand on the platform and press Square (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) to activate the world. It will require a certain number of pagies to access certain levels. That will essentially complete the tutorial level.

The Tropics is the first world you can access. Simply roll up the slope and you’ll have the choice of helping the skeleton in the pot.

When you collect enough quills you’ll be able to unlock the next move from Trowzer.

For the broken pagie near the cage, you’ll find the missing pieces near the pig inside the enclosure just beyond the pagie’s cage.

You’ll also find another NPC named Nimble who will grant you a pagie if you can defeat it in a race through a course. You’ll find Nimble in a corner by a tree by the structure with the floating platforms.

Race Nimble to get the pagie. Collect the butterflies along the course to restore your stamina to out-roll Nimble. Once you collect 3 pagies you can then expand the world for the first time.

The world expansion in Tribalstack Tropics will open up the pathway where Shovel Knight is located.

Head through the world toward the tower with the fire traps and Rampo will give you a short introduction as you make your way up to the top of the platform.

Rampo will be your first boss. Knock out his teeth if you can fight through the camera issues. You’ll need to dodge the rolling logs, get to the top and then knock out Rampo’s teeth.

Rinse and repeat the method until you defeat Rampo and gain access to the pagie.

Head back to Trowzer inside one of the new towers and purchase the Sonar ability for 30 quills. This will allow you to battle enemies with a projectile and activate the totem characters to activate the nearby elevators or platforms that are transparent. You’ll find a Mollycool item on top of one of the platforms above Trowzer, and you’ll need to take it to Dr. Puzz, just down below.

Dr. Puzz will turn you into a plant and you’ll need to go around and help six plants grow after you talk to one of the plants. In order to get to one of the other plants at the top of a platform, you’ll need to knock over some boxes holding up the platform to get across the plank and help the other plants grow.

Once you get the pagie and access more quills, you can talk to Trowzer to unlock the body-slam that you can use by jumping and pressing the left trigger to smash the ground. Use the move to break the tablets in the room where Trowzer is located, which will then open up a new area to go into.

The area will lead you to Duke’s Temple.

You’ll also need the ability to buy the slurp attack so you can fire projectiles from nearby plants. You can use the plants to start and stop platforms by shooting switches.

After you complete the projectile mini-game, head back up to the path where Shovel Knight is and use the projectiles to activate the platforms so you can get to the top of the mountain and grab the jewel. You can also glitch your way up to the top of the statue head and grab the jewel by hopping up the ledges.

You can also head back over to the other area near Rampo’s treasure room and activate the totems in order to go up the platform and activate the totem and unlock the cage with the pagie inside.

In another area where there’s a lake with the character working as an underwater wind tunnel, there’s a tower nearby that you can scale. Head inside and it’ll take you to a tall vertical mountain area. Hit the switch to move the platform over and take the pathway upward.

You can meet Nimbo, who will grant you with a transformation ability, but you’ll need the slurping projectile ability to suck up the water plant and use it to shoot Nimbo in the face so he can relieve himself. This will fill up the area below with water.

Head back to the start of the tower that leads to Nimbo and when you move the platform over to the water plant, a blower will ask for help with giving him some water for his dry mouth. Take the water plant and then head over to the blower and hop onto the platform. While it moves up jump toward the blower and spray the water inside.

At the base of the tower there’s another door to the right that will lead you up to Kartos, the god of ore.

You can hop a ride inside Kartos and and he’ll take you along the rail ride similar to the classic Donkey Kong on the SNES. You’ll need at least 60 gems to complete the segment. If you get 60 gems you’ll earn a pagie for your troubles.

There’s also an arcade you can access by following the river area up the side of the mountain. You can’t miss it, it’s a giant black and purple arcade.

In order to access the arcade machine you’ll need to find the arcade coin scattered around the area. The coin is actually just underneath the area where the arcade is located. The coin is underwater inside of a little cavern.

Take the coin to Rextro and play the Kartos Karting game.

The game is a top-down racing title like the old Off-Road Racing arcade games or the Micro-Machines games on home consoles.

Once you complete the arcade game, you’ll also find a pagie nearby where there are a number of flying insects with homing missiles. You’ll need to activate some totems to get across the platforms to get to the pagie.

There’s also an alternate gameplay walkthrough provided by YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames, which clocks in at nearly nine whole hours. You can check out the complete gameplay walkthrough below.

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