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1449650cookie-checkFlatout 4 Now Available In America At Retail Outlets For PS4, Xbox One For $49.99

Flatout 4 Now Available In America At Retail Outlets For PS4, Xbox One For $49.99

Kylotonn Games’ Flatout 4 had a bit of a scattered release over this past spring, first coming out in Europe at retail for the Xbox One and PS4, and then later landing on PC, and now it’s finally completing its tour of release destruction by landing on retail shelves across North America for the Xbox One and PS4 for $49.99.

I was surprised at the price being as low as it is, given that most times games – even at the mid-budget level – have tried gunning for that almighty $60 price point.

Anyway, Flatout 4 is the second major entry in the franchise not developed by Bugbear Entertainment. However, Kylotonn decided to use the formula established by Bugbear in order to rekindle interest in the action-combat racing sub-genre… a sub-genre that’s sadly fallen by the wayside due to neglect and disinterest from publishers.

Well, Strategy First is actually interested in reviving combat racing for the newer generation of gamer. Not everyone in today’s generation have had the privilege of growing up with high-quality combat racing games like the original Twisted Metal, Destruction Derby or the first two Flatout games.

Flatout 4: Total Insanity is supposed to represent a return to bumps and shunts, explosive metal-tearing carnage, and on-track mayhem. Players will have 27 vehicles to choose from via unlocks, and will also be able to customize and upgrade the vehicles throughout the campaign mode.

The traditional destructible environments are also making a return, along with shortcuts and high-impact collisions. And speaking of returns… there’s also the arena derby mode and the mini-game filled stunt mode for those who like finding new ways to make their driver feel insurmountable amounts of pain by ejecting them through the windshield.

The multiplayer modes have also made a return, including a hot seat mode for the stunt competitions, and the online racing mode for up to eight players to participate in.

You can pick up a physical copy of the game right now in North America for the PS4 and Xbox One for $49.99.

The review scores for the game, so far, have been quite middling. So if you don’t mind a mediocre entry in the car combat sub-genre, you can give it a whirl.

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