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1452080cookie-checkGarrison: Archangel, Virtual On-Like Game Lands On Steam Greenlight

Garrison: Archangel, Virtual On-Like Game Lands On Steam Greenlight

As of today, indie devs Indigo Gaming released both a Steam Greenlight entry and a playable Alpha demo for the Virtual On-like mech game called Garrison: Archangel. And knowing me, I could not pass up on this mecha battle game seeing that it is a decent entry on Steam Greenlight.

I love mecha and cyberpunk themed games, no, seriously, I really do. Falling in line with the former genre has me all the more excited to see more content of this little indie project named Garrison: Archangel, because it resembles that of Sega’s classic Virtual On: Cybertroopers.

Instead of rambling about my love of mecha stuff, you can instead read the official description of Garrison: Archangel below:

“Garrison: Archangel is a fast-paced, customizable, mecha fighting game designed for one-on-one and multiplayer team battles.”

The mecha fighting game is all about battling and customization, this is reiterated constantly in both text and video forms throughout the indie project’s promotional piece.

Garrison Archangel 2

Garrison Archangel 3

Moreover, the game is about exaggerating the extreme when it comes to wielding weapons. From huge melee weapons to an array of projectile-based equipment, there’s a ton of customization and versatility, which is further elaborated on by the devs:

“Archangels are able to wield a huge arsenal of weapons, each having unique mechanics and gameplay. Some of the melee weapons created for the game have the ability to transform into different modes, increasing their versatility and effectiveness in combat. Each one of these weapons are carefully hand-crafted to allow players to fully customize their play style down to the last detail.”

What’s weapons without a battlefield? Well, Garrison: Archangel will feature an array of maps for your custom robot to fight on that includes “nasty traps” and fatal terrain to mix up maps from one another.

Moreover, the game features couch co-op that will allow for up to four players locally and via online play, which is currently in development as we speak. Below comes two videos showing what Garrison: Archangel has to offer to gamers.

You can either play the Alpha demo over on or you can vote for the game by hitting up Steam Greenlight.

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