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Injustice 2 Guide: Here’s How To Find The Best Stats And Gear

In this guide for Injustice 2 folks will learn what gear and stats are best for their play-style and other stats related to various characters. Warner Bros. Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices.

Notice: Something that is very important to keep in mind while reading this guide is that what some may find useful may be useless to another when it comes to gear and stats. In other words, it is purely subjective and based around what you think may be the best gear or stat setup for your play-style. The point of this guide is to show different stats to get a clear picture on what might work best for you.

Injustice 2 gear

There are some games out there that don’t always explain their features very well, and sometimes useful items and gear are under-utilized by the player because they don’t exactly understand how to use them. I’ve witnessed this quite a bit in a lot of games, so to prevent this from taking effect in Injustice 2 we will take a look at a nice chart that Rankedboost currently has up for Injustice 2.

Before looking the stats over for each character, a video by YouTuber THUNDERONE covers some of the gear and the main point behind the system; detailing some rather interesting stuff about how one can benefit from said feature.

Below are a list of bulleted types of body parts that can be equipped with gear on a character, which are followed by stats. You can use this as reference to get an ideal how the game operates with said feature.

Applicable Parts/Equipment

  • Accessory 
  • Greaves
  • Gauntlets 
  • Torso
  • Head/Cape

In Injustice 2 gear pieces will not only alter how a character’s appearance will look but also affect their stats. As seen below, there are four stats you can focus on for your character when building up his/her gear.

Gear Stats

  • STR – Strength = Normal Attacks
  • ABL – Ability = Special Attacks
  • DEF – Defense = Damage taken while blocking
  • HP – Health = How much damage you can take

Some stats can be turned off depending on which mode you are doing, however the idea behind the gear system is so that in certain modes you can play a specific way and maximize whatever it is that you are trying to build up to.


I should note that every character or statistical setup listed above are not fully fleshed out on Rankedboost, so you will likely find the list to be complete or incomplete at times. However the mods on the site do note that it will be finished sometime soon.

Lastly, Rankedboost also covers moves, character tiers, stats and a list of other categories. Injustice 2 is out now for PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices.

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