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1452010cookie-checkInjustice 2 Trailer Previews Red Hood Combos, Zoning And Specials

Injustice 2 Trailer Previews Red Hood Combos, Zoning And Specials

NetherRealm Studios dropped the latest trailer for the first piece of DLC content set to arrive for Injustice 2. The gameplay trailer shows the gun-toting vigilante in action as he exacts his revenge on the roster of the DC super hero title.

The trailer clocks in at a modest two minutes, featuring Red Hood’s combos, special abilities and his super move. You can check it out below, courtesy of YouTube outlet MKIceandFire.

Red Hood starts with some basic combos. He’s not as fast as I thought he would be, but he does mix and match his arsenal to keep things interesting. He has a number of brutish kicks and punches, along with wrist-blades similar to Assassin’s Creed that he mixes into his melee strikes.

One of the more badass moves in his arsenal is a backward leaping, Max Payne-style shoot-dive attack where he can do fleeing damage while creating good zoning distance from his opponent. Slick move right there.

Shurikens are also in his inventory along with empty guns. Yes, he can wallop his opponents over the head with the butt of the gun and then reload it and shoot them. It’s one of the most inventive maneuvers I’ve ever seen.

CQC explosives, electric gauntlets and some sweet combo maneuvers all help round out the Red Hood’s dangerously diverse moveset.

We also get to see a few shoot-slides almost identical to Erron Black from Mortal Kombat X.

Injustice 2 - Red Hood Special

His super special isn’t the most flashiest in the game, but my goodness does it match him perfectly.

I can easily see Red Hood being one of the favorite picks in the tournament scene. His melee strikes aren’t the best, but his zoning ability with those twin pistols is just absolutely top notch.

The Red Hood will join Starfire and Sub-Zero as part of the first fighter pack for Injustice 2 at some point in June. For those who purchased the digital deluxe or limited edition’s of Injustice 2 (or pre-ordered the game with the season pass) you’ll automatically receive Red Hood and the other two characters when they finally become available. Additionally you can purchase each character separately a la carte.

Red Hood was probably one of, if not the most requested character for Injustice 2, especially after his showing in Batman: Arkham Knight when he came back as the Arkham Knight. There’s no doubt that Rocksteady helped raise his profile drastically. Don’t be surprised if the Injustice community starts spamming NetherRealm for an Arkham Knight skin. Of course, knowing the publishers, they’ll probably make it DLC or a cash shop item.

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