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Knack 2 Gains New Screenshots Ahead Of Its E3 2017 Reveal

The sequel to the first Knack, known as Knack 2, has a batch of new screenshots and some information available explaining what will be different about the sequel compared to the first game. SIE Japan is set to reveal Knack 2 at E3 2017. The game itself is set to come out for PS4 sometime this year.

To be honest here, I never really followed Knack so to say that it has problems or to say that it is a decent game is not fair for me to expound upon seeing that I never even played the game. Nevertheless, the devs behind the game seek to not only address problems found in the first Knack but improve the sequel so that it can stand on its own.

This was revealed through a list of publications sites previewing the game, which is followed by a batch of screenshots. Instead of jumping into all the new stuff right off the bat, here are the list of images that were captured on the PS4 Pro.

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According to we learn that the problems that are said to reside in the first game will be addressed in the second iteration, which is also said to feature a more in-depth combat system, better mechanics and will not be a $60 tech demo.

Moreover, designer Mark Cerny noted during the preview that…

“It was certainly nice for it to be a launch title. The biggest goal there was accessibility; I was hoping to make a game that anybody could play even if they never picked up a DualShock controller before. But at the same time, I think it might have made it less interesting for people who were game fans. So Knack 2’s goal was to take all that feedback and make a pretty different game. A lot of variety, combat, platforming, and puzzles. So a bigger focus on fun factor.”

Knack 2 is set to come out sometime in 2017 for PS4, however Sony plans on showing the game during this year’s E3 starting on June 13th – 15th.

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