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1449800cookie-checkOverkill’s The Walking Dead Delayed To Late 2018

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Delayed To Late 2018

For a game we’ve heard almost nothing about in terms of gameplay details or mechanics, Starbreeze felt the need to announce that Overkill Software’s The Walking Dead game will be delayed from whenever it was supposed to launch, into the latter half of 2018.

Blues picked up the news from a recent press release that Starbreeze sent out via a news posting on their official website. Unfortunately the press release is in Swedish but it basically says that Overkill’s The Walking Dead is being pushed back to the second half of 2018 next year.

This news follows up on an announcement from Starbreeze indicating that they’re planning on hosting a livestream event on May 10th that will showcase and focus on some of th egame’s they’re publishing, or games already on the market that are coming to additional platforms or receiving new content. This includes Payday 2 launching on the Nintendo Switch, the upcoming System Shock 3, Pyschonauts 2 and Dead By Daylight. They also mention that Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be on the docket, but I wonder if that will still ring true given its recent delay?

Well, the livestream will also cover games such as RAID: World War II, Deliver Us The Moon and additional trailers for upcoming games.

The announcement for the delay is still a bit odd to me given that they hadn’t really committed to Overkill’s The Walking Dead enough to warrant an announcement for its delay. Had they been pumping out trailers or screenshots it would be an entirely different thing, but so far there’s just been a lot of silence up until now.

Then again maybe the delay is being announced precisely because they have plans on ratcheting up the marketing for the game, so they needed to get it out there that it won’t be coming anytime soon. I guess we’ll find out on May 10th.

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