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Pantropy, Open World Mech Building Game Lands On Greenlight

Before indie developers Brain Stone GmbH posted their potential sleeper hit game Pantropy on Steam Greenlight, gamers all around had a chance to demo the game and provided stellar feedback that’s still rolling in to this day. As of now, though, the open world RPG mech game for PC is on Greenlight and is likely to pass the voting segment with ease.

Have you been looking for a game where you can walk around, shoot things, construct buildings/houses, meet other players and team up or battle them, fight bosses, level up and build small mechs or create big mechs like the one shown below? Well, Pantropy aims to do just that… and it does it with visible proof.

Pantropy 3

The game may have its rough edges here and there, but that’s to be expected by an indie game. Looking both at the surface and core mechanics of Pantropy, one can see that the game has all the features noted in its description via the official videos. The official description lies below for you to read over:

“Pantropy is a science-fiction based multiplayer game for players who want to make their own story. You’ll need to band together to thrive in this lush and dangerous world. Luckily, there are factions just waiting to welcome you into their ranks. Are you going to grind resources and craft a powerful mech? Or maybe you’d prefer to set up a mining station to do the hard work for you and hunt down enemy factions instead.”

I should note that Pantropy contains some worn out features like crafting and Minecraft-like stuff, but at least those features are put to use in such a way where it complements the overall goal of making mechs and other crazy gigantic robotic structure/vehicle things.

Both the teaser trailer and Alpha-gameplay videos of Pantropy can be seen below thanks to the game’s official YouTube channel.

If a small indie team could cook all of this up, make a playable demo that actually functioned well and received good user feedback, can you image if the devs finished Pantropy and continue listening to their fans?

Finally, there’s no doubt that this game is going to pass the voting segment on Greenlight with ease given the strong community and fan promotion behind it as of recent, but if you want to learn more or vote for the game you can by hitting up Steam Greenlight, IndieDB and

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