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1451940cookie-checkPerception Trailer Reveals PS4, Xbox One Release Delayed To June

Perception Trailer Reveals PS4, Xbox One Release Delayed To June

The PC version of Perception is still on target to release on May 30th. However, Feardemic and Deep End Games’ blind horror title won’t be making its way to the Xbox One and PS4 on May 30th. Instead the game will see a slight delay for the home consoles and arrive on the second week of June.

In the meantime, a new trailer was released to further help explain the story of Perception and roll out some more details on Echo Bluff and the creepy going-ons at a mansion. The trailer is only a minute long.

The investigator, Cassie, ends up going to Echo Bluff after having tormenting nightmares about the location. She decides to find out what’s really going on with this mansion she keeps dreaming about.

There’s one big caveat to the whole thing: Cassie is blind.

This plays into the way that players can investigate the mansion. The entire game is seen through sonar vision, not unlike how Daredevil saw things in the 2003 movie. The trick, however, is that in order to navigate Cassie must use vibrate echolocation by tapping on things and getting an image of the surroundings based on the shapes that the sound make.

While tapping on furniture and walls seems useful at first, the other problem is that there are things in the house, and they don’t want Cassie there. Making noise, knocking over objects, and bumping into stuff creates noise, and the more noise Cassie makes the more likely she’ll be discovered by the entities.
Hence, players have to limit how much noise they make while also finding ways to distract and keep the entities at bay.

It seems like it could be a neat little horror-thriller, not unlike Amnesia or Soma.

As for the game’s delay on Xbox One and PS4… Marcin Kawa, managing director of Feardemic, commented in the press release and explained what was up…

“The Deep End Games has put together an exceptional debut game, and we’re very excited to share Perception with the world,”


“Launching a game across multiple platforms and territories simultaneously is always a challenge and we ran into some unforeseen circumstances related to age ratings across territories. We decided to release on PC as planned and then follow with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases in the second week of June.”

At least the delay isn’t too bad, but it is interesting that they bring up the age ratings across some territories. I wonder if they ran into some problems in Australia? It’s always Australia (or usually Australia… I don’t actually know in this case, but almost every single time there was a ratings conundrum it involved Australia). Anyway, you can look for Perception to launch on PC this week starting May 30th.

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