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1449720cookie-checkRising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta 7 Will Be Playable May 11th

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta 7 Will Be Playable May 11th

Do you want to play Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games’ Rising Storm 2: Vietnam? If so, an actual Closed Beta with two ways to enter will go up on May 11th. One way sees Beta keys sent out like past methods, while a new way sees gamers pre-purchasing to play the PC FPS game starting next Thursday.

That’s right, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is set to be playable once again through a Closed Beta session, which marks the seventh wave in the ongoing test phase. As of now there will be two ways to play the upcoming Beta: receiving a Beta key by signing up (or if you already have a key), or pre-purchasing the game.

“Everyone who already has a beta key will be able to join the test (no purchase required) as always. We will be sending out new beta keys to those on the original RS2: Vietnam mailing list who haven’t had one yet. In addition, expect some of our business partners to be giving out additional beta keys. The only other way to get in on CB7 is to pre-purchase the game.”

If you really want to play the game it’s best to check your email(s) to see whether or not you’ve received a key seeing that original mailing list participants are now eligible, yet again, to receive a Beta key. If you don’t mind dishing out around $20 bucks to pre-purchase the game to get into the Beta, then you have yet another way to play the game.

The devs will also send out a notice letting folks know when the servers will open to eligible Beta participants on May 11th, which will be through email, the game’s forums and discussion groups. Additionally, this means that both Beta key wielders and Pre-purchasers will not be able to start or install the game until Closed Beta 7 officially starts.

Questions in relation to the game (or unrelated) will be up for consideration via a live stream through a Q&A from the devs’ Twitch account.

Lastly, the devs will be making the server files available for admins to test and host servers. For more information on Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and the Closed Beta 7, you can head on over to or

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