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1452190cookie-checkRising Storm 2: Vietnam Official Launch Welcomes Players To The Rice Fields

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Official Launch Welcomes Players To The Rice Fields

It’s the time of the season for killing, yup, newbies and Vietnamese. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is officially out of its playable Alphas and Betas and finally on Steam. The first-person shooter by Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive is out now for PC and is running a special for $22.49 and originally goes for $24.99 until June 6th.

What’s your name, who’s your daddy, is he rich like me? If not, he better get up on Charlie or Delta, because the devs behind Rising Storm 2: Vietnam are running a special this week that not only drops the game’s initial price down by 10 percent but they also have “The Shake and Bake Double XP” launch promo going:

“In addition to the first week sale, early players of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will also be lucky enough to enjoy double XP for the first week of release. The Shake and Bake Double XP launch promotion will run through June 6 as well, and grant all owners of the game double experience points as they play during the first week of the game’s release.”

If mommy and daddy didn’t show you enough attention when you were a child, maybe you can unleash some much needed aggression in some multiplayer rounds in the new FPS shooter now that it’s up and available to play on PC.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the sequel to the first entry that was awarded by PC Gamer as 2011 & 2013 Multiplayer Game of the Year. The FPS game sees a gritty and asymmetric take on the Vietnam conflict that requires both skill and valiant attempts to triumph.

Well here’s something you won’t like, Private Snowball! RS2:V features 30 plus weapons that includes the iconic M16 to the Chinese knockoff AK-47 named the Type 56. Other weapons used during that era like the RPG-7, MAT-49, SKS carbine, the Pig, M79, the cheaply assembled M3 Grease and many more also make an appearance in Rising Storm 2.

Seeing that you are still here means that you are the kind who could suck a golf ball through a garden hose, so here’s the latest trailer for you drool over.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is out now for PC and is running a special 10 percent off deal that drops the price down from $24.99 to $22.49 over on Steam and will end on June 6th. More information can be found on

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, “Welcome to the rice fields, MOTHER F*CKER!

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