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Ancient Cities, RTS Civilization Game Lands On Greenlight

Taking gamers way back in time around the Neolithic era comes indie publisher and developer Uncasual Games‘ Ancient Cities. The game is a real-time strategy civilization sim that explores the evolution of colonies and technology. Ancient Cities will be for PC and is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking votes.

According to the developers behind the game Ancient Cities, Uncasual Games, folks will start in the Neolithic era and will have to guide colonies along generations, discovering and improving crafts, managing resources, facing natural forces, and building up a city of the antiquity in a fully simulated world.

Beyond improving technologies present during a specific era, the game will challenge players to a realistic depiction of the past and will offer a layout that resembles actual findings during older periods in time, which can be seen below in the latest screenshots.

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The devs noted that they want the game to take both elements of history and city simulators and bring forth a game that’s not only fun but immersive:

“We love tech, strategy games, History, Archeology and cities. Of course, we dream, as you do, with a gorgeous strategy city simulator that can let the player develop its city along the ages in a credible and immersive way.


We have chosen to start at the origin of cities, in the late Neolithic era. It was logic, and it is also highly suitable for the project; new eras introduce new gameplay and game features over what existed before. Just as real life.”

To achieve the above the devs have a custom rendering engine that can fit thousands of items on screen without sacrificing FPS. This means that terrible optimization will be zero to slim when it comes to a screen full of well designed graphical items and structures displayed at once… or at least that’s what it should be in practice.

You can be the judge as to whether or not this game, Ancient cities, is something worth voting for on Steam Greenlight or skipping by watching its official Greenlight video trailer below.

Over on holds additional information regarding the Neolithic civilization sim.

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