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E3 2017: Detroit Become Human Reveals New Cast Members Jesse Williams, Minka Kelly

David Cage from Quantic Dream talked a little bit about the upcoming PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human. He revealed some key details about the game, the development and some of the cast members.

During an interview with Geoff Keighley, the YouTube E3 gaming host, the French developer explained that there will be three playable characters in the game, including an android revolting against the system known as Markus, who is played by a housewife’s wet dream come to life, Jesse Williams.

Markus will be accompanied throughout his story by another android freed from the system who attempts to help him free other androids and stage a potentially peaceful or violent revolt. Markus’ companion is played by actress Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights fame.

Both Minka Kelly and Jesse Williams’ characters were highlighted in the latest E3 2017 trailer for Cage’s upcoming title. You can check it out below courtesy of MKIceandFire.

In trying to find out if I spelled his name right and if he was a real celebrity, apparently there’s some drama about him dumping his wife for his co-star Minka Kelly. I guess spending all that time together on set in body-hugging suits finally worked its magic on his non-android parts.

Anyway, the other two playable characters in Detroit: Become Human includes Connor the android cop who hunts down delinquent androids, and Kara, the very popular android that first appeared in the Kara tech demo for Detroit nearly an entire generation ago.

Since you get to play as the troublemaker, Markus, and as the cop who hunts him down, Connor, I’m sure there are a bunch of /pol/s salivating at the mouth of being able to play a white cop who can kill a black protestor. Just the same as there are probably a bunch of BLM activists like Talcom X who can’t wait to play as a black protestor who can kill white android cops, and then brag about it on Twitter with a sponsored tweet from Verizon.

Detroit Become Human - Jesse Williams

According to Cage, however, the game will offer lots and lots and lots of choices. In fact, according to the interview he had with Geoff Keighley he’s said that it’s Quantic Dream’s most ambitious title in offering gamers the most diverse outcomes for the varying choices that are made throughout the game. And much like Heavy Rain when one of the three main characters die, the story continues on toward the end, so there are lots and lots of different possibilities, prompting for people to replay the game multiple times. Seems like a good way to get some good mileage out of a single-player game.

Cage also revealed that all performance capture for the game has been completed, and the 2,000 page script has been shot and edited for the game. The performance capture took them an entire year to film, so maybe that’s what led to the budding romance between Kelly and Williams? Anyway, all that’s left now is to tweak and polish Detroit: Become Human for its inevitable launch on PS4.

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