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1453690cookie-checkE3 2017: Pokemon RPG Coming To Nintendo Switch From Game Freak

E3 2017: Pokemon RPG Coming To Nintendo Switch From Game Freak

Game Freak is working on a core Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch? And so it begins. During the short but very powerful Nintendo Direct, they revealed that there’s going to be a new Pokemon game made by Game Freak that will be a full fledged game for the Nintendo Switch.

During the Direct, Tsunekazu Ishihara from the Pokemon Company revealed that they were hard at work on a new game for Nintendo’s latest console.

There’s a quick video of Ishihara-san dropping the news, which you can check out below that was captured by Tetra Ninja.

For those who can’t be bothered to watch the video, Ishihara says…

“Game Freak has begun developing a core RPG Pokemon Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch. It may not release for more than a year, but we hope you look forward to it more the same.”

I’m pretty sure people are willing to wait a year for a new Pokemon game, especially one that’s an RPG specifically made for the Nintendo Switch.

They sadly don’t drop any details on the actual game but knowing that it’s an RPG from Game Freak means that it’s going to be designed in similar fashion to the DS and 3DS Pokemon games.

The only thing that remains is whether or not this will be an RPG where you take on the role of a trainer who goes around collecting Pokemon, or if it’s going to be one of those off-kilter kind of games where it’s an RPG but you can’t properly collect the Pokemon. It would also be a pretty big step backward if the only characters you played were just a basic Pokemon and it was a singular character adventure.

It’s hard to say if this was a megaton, but it was definitely in the ballpark of a megaton. We’ll likely be able to tell just how legitimate a Pokemon RPG this new Game Freak title is when Nintendo finally unveils the details likely sometime in 2018.

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